What is acne and best ways to get rid of it

What is acne?


Acne is a disease that hits your skin mostly during puberty because that’s when your glands start working and producing oil. Those glands get affected by the male hormones and that’s why they are stimulated at puberty. Acne is not so dangerous so you should not worry much but it can leave you with some scars so you definitely need to treat it. Your skin has pores that are connected to the glands through very small canals called follicles. Glands produce an oily liquid that carries dead skin cells to the surface of your skin. Acne results when those follicles are blocked and the oil is accumulated under the skin.


Types of acne:

Types of acne

There are many different types of acne, such as:

Blackheads: They are visible because they appear on the surface of your skin.

Whiteheads: They are very small and do not appear on the surface skin

Papules: They are very small pink pimples that appear on the surface of the skin.

Pustules: They are red pimples and also appear on the surface of the skin

Nobules: These are larg pimples and usually painful ones. They are deeply embedded in the skin and appear on the surface.

Cysts: They are also visible on the skin


How common is acne?

According to dermatologists, seventy five percent of teenagers will get acne at some point of their life. Acne affects adults and teenagers in specific but it can actually effect anyone regardless of race and age. There are even people who still get acne in their forties and fifties. Based on some studies and researches, about 17 million Americans are expected to suffer from acne any time. Men tend to suffer from acne for longer time because of the testosterone hormone produced by their glands. That doesn’t mean women don’t get acne because they can suffer from acne but it might be less worse than in men.

What can cause acne:

There’s no main reason for the appearance of acne but experts say that the main reason for the appearance of acne can be due to androgen (a hormone) level in the body. This hormone rises in the body during puberty and this causes the oil glands to grow bigger and; thus, produce more oil. Extra sebum can cause the cellular walls to break and bacteria to grow. Some people say the appearance of acne can be due to genetic reasons and that could be true. Some cosmetics can cause acne as well as some medications that raise the level of androgen in the body. Pregnancy causes some hormone changes so that might lead to appearance of acne.

Best ways to get rid of acne:

Best ways to get rid of acne

There are many ways to get rid of acne naturally and cheaply. Most of the remedies are simple and can be made at home easily.  

how to get rid of acne

  1. Ice

Ice can be one of the fastest ways to get rid of acne. Ice actually reduces the redness and inflammation of the skin and it improves the circulation of the blood. Ice tightens the pores and gets you rid of skin dirt. Using ice is very simple, just get some ice cubes or crushed ice, put this ice in any clean piece of cloth and rub it on your face gently. You can hold off for few moments then go back to put it and freeze it on your face.


  1. Lemon

Lemon juice is rich of vitamin C and that helps drying up the pimples. Lemon works fast and it gets you effective results. Remember that fresh lemon juice is way better than bottled one. Easily, squeeze half a lemon and apply it on your face using a cotton ball before you go to bed. If you are seeking very effective results then you may want to add some cinnamon powder to the lemon juice. Wash your face in the morning using lukewarm water. Do not add cinnamon if you have a sensitive skin.

  1. Toothpaste

You might be shocked to hear that the same toothpaste that you use for your teeth can be used to treat your acne. You are advised to use the white toothpaste and not the gel one. Put some toothpaste on the pimples before you go to bed and wash your face in the morning, you can notice the difference from the first time. You can do it every night or during the day but make sure to keep it for at least a couple of hours on your face.

  1. Steam

Get a big bowl, fill it with hot water, wrap a towel around your head and steam your face. It’s that simple! This simple process that takes only ten or fifteen minutes from your time does magic to your skin, Steaming open up the pores and cleans the dirt and bacteria. Wash your face with lukewarm water after that and make sure to use some lemon juice on your face to close the pores.

  1. Garlic

Garlic is an antioxidant, antifungal agent which can treat your face pimples fast. Garlic contains sulfur that fastens the healing process of pimples. For this, you only need one clove of fresh garlic and cut it into pieces then rub it on the pimples for few minutes before you wash your face. Repeat this many times a day if you can. You can also start using garlic in your diet and even eating a row clove of garlic so that you purify your blood and maintain a good health.

How to get rid of baby acne

Not to do list when you have acne:

  1. Picking on your skin. You may not pop the pimple, you need to resist the urge to do it. You might think it’s the fastest way to get rid of the pimple but in fact, popping it only makes things worse and can cause it to leave scars.
  2. Over-cleansing or over-washing the face. You should cleanse and wash your face but in a normal range. Over doing anything can make your skin sensitive and cause redness or swelling.
  3. Over-spending on acne medication. It’s true there are some good acne medications but that doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune on that. Acne appears during a specific time of your life and it is meant to go away, don’t let it frustrate you and don’t start buying any new medication that comes in the market. Just follow the tips and use the easy home remedies.

Acne appears only for some time in your life and it requires your attention. You should read extra on acne and how to deal with it so you don’t end up with a bad experience with acne.